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CPSC Drywall Information Center

CPSC 51 Home Study

FTC Consumer Alert - Defective Imported Drywall: Don't Get Nailed by Bogus Tests & Treatments

US District Court - Drywall Products Liability Litigation

FDH - Hazard Assessment… Associated with Imported Drywall

HUD to Assist Homeowners Facing Problem Drywall

CPSC & HUD Interim Remediation Guidance for Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall

US District Court - Chinese drywall markings: photographic examples

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Oxford Instruments


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Technical Symposium on Corrosive Imported Drywall

Chinese drywall information page by attorney Allison Grant, Esq.

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CPSC completes Final Studies to Help Affected Homeowners Remediate Problem Drywall

The CPSC has completed their studies regarding Chinese drywall and has updated their remediation guidance. The biggest changes is that they are no longer recommending replacement of gas piping or most sprinkler heads. For more information, visit: CPSC Completes Final Studies to Help Affected Homeowners Remediate Problem Drywall, September 15, 2011 and Remediation Guidance for [...]

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